Sunday, July 24, 2005

As The World Churns

I'm starting to feel like an old guy these days. I used to think that people who longed for "the old days" were out of touch and needed to get with it. Maybe I am now one of those out-of-touch-and-needing-to-get-with-it geezers. I mean I am 44.

Maybe it's just that when I was a kid I was too busy having fun to be concerned with where the rest of world is going. After all I did grow up during the Vietnam war pretty much oblivious to it. Before that there was Korea and the World Wars and The Depression and Prohibition (good? bad? anyway...) slavery and all the rest. I'm not sure that there ever has been a really wonderful time, at least since the Garden of Eden. There's always been terrible problems around, but I think that in order to live your life you learn to kind of be concerned about these problems, but keep them mostly on the back burner. Otherwise they tend to consume you. But from time to time I get a little time and that is when these rhymes of mine begin to shine! (Sorry... I won't do that again) But sometimes when I get a little less busy, I start to think about these things. Today it's not slavery (which was bad) or The Depression (which was also bad) or The Holocaust (very bad), but we got our stuff.

Abortion. It sounds like death. I have a hard time imagining that people could ever argue for it. They have to know in their hearts that they're killing babies who would otherwise grow up to become someone's best friend or girlfriend or husband or grandparent. But by calling the baby fetal tissue, they can smooth over the fact that they're killing someone- usually in the name of convenience. Makes me wonder what's ahead for the next generation if we have people who think killing is convenient.

Gay rights. Straight off (pun intended) I think I'd have to agree with God on this one. The "A" word is often decried by those who promote the "gay agenda" as a low blow, like did I forget that it's politically incorrect to say that homosexuality is an abomination. It's not a dirty word. It's a descriptive word. It means disgusting or repulsive. I would be sad, but not mad, if that 1 % of the population who is gay would choose to love someone of the same sex and leave it at that. It's their choice. But to try to force a society who recognizes marriage (with or without a ceremony) as between a man and a woman, to not only accept but applaud their decision is wrong. It used to be (yeah, back in the old days) that homosexual acts were illegal. Now, they tell us we're becoming "enlightened". Pedophilia and bestiality are still illegal. Would we be "enlightened" if we legalized them? What about the rights of these people? It's probably not far away, with the ACLU and political correctness police on the case. That makes me mad. Makes me scared for our kids's kids. What's the world coming to anyway?

Speaking of marriage, what are we thinking talking to the gay community about the "Defense of Marriage" act? Man, they got us straights pinned to the wall on this one. If you're going to talk about defending marriage, you need to show that marriage really is something worth defending! Gays aren't the worst enemy of marriage, husbands and wives are. The ones who think that because every little thing isn't going my way,"I'm outa here!" You pussies. Whether you're a Christian or not, you can learn from the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians when he says, "Submit yourselves to one another". Is it really that hard? Well, sometimes yes. But think about the arguments you have most. Why did you put the toilet paper on the roll backwards? I'm outa here! Why can't you straighten the towel after you dry your hands? I'm outa here! I want the furnace set at 70, not 68 so I want a divorce! Really. Suck it up and learn to submit once in a while. Your marriage will be happier which means you will be too. And commit. Then you'll get through the tough parts too, if you can talk it through without a divorce hanging over your head the whole time. Commit to your marriage and realize that when you (men AND women) submit to your spouse, your marriage gets stronger which means you, as a couple are a stronger team to face the stuggles facing you both. You can work together against those things instead of adding your spouse to your list of enemies. Where is this world going. Maybe if we can get our heads (and hearts, and souls) straight there's still hope. Pray for that. I want my grandkids to live in a better world than this.


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