Saturday, April 08, 2006

Silly Rabbit

Yesterday I noticed a gopher hole in my back yard so I set a rat trap next to it. We've had them before and they're a pain, so I'm hoping to trap them before they breed and I have to catch the whole family. When I got home today, I went out to check the trap and there was nothing. The trap was still set, and looked untouched. When I walked around back, I noticed something laying in the grass and thought it might be the gopher. Instead, I found half a bunny. "Half" a bunny. Something had apparently caught it and devoured everything from about the middle of the rib cage up. So I took a couple pictures and sent out an e-mail saying that we caught the Easter Bunny stealing our candy. I'm sick ain't I? I thought about putting the pics up here, but that would have been disgusting. I'm not that sick!

I hope to see that carnivorous gopher in the trap tomorrow.


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